Join the HTB x UNI Qualifications discord channel.

Category: Welcome

Solver: t0bi


The challenge description states that we should join the HTB x Uni Qualifications discord channel. From the CTF intro slides we know that we have to message the HackTheBoxBot with ++htbctf uni-ctf-2020 {Un!CTF_0f_HTB_2020_is_l33t}. Doing that will add us to the Uni CTF support channels. There we find the uni-ctf-rules channel. Carefully reading the rules reveals the flag in the following rule. 5. Do not try to exchange flags/write-ups/hints of the challenges during the competition with other teams participating or to other external entities. HTB{l3t_th3_htb_x_uni_ctf_pwn1ng_b3g1n}.

So the flag is: HTB{l3t_th3_htb_x_uni_ctf_pwn1ng_b3g1n}.